Oriental Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangements with an Oriental Aesthetic

Tea Ceremony Flower Arrangement Workshop

ZIYO’s flower arrangement workshops embraces traditional oriental flower arrangement practices such as Huayi (花藝) and Ikebana (生け花). This flower arrangement workshop demonstrates a specific style related to tea culture, which is called Tea ceremony Flower (茶花).

Tea ceremony Flower attempts to represent a natural scene and to better convey the flavour of tea within a tea ceremony setting. The arrangements will convey the seasonality and the theme of an event.

During this workshop you will learn the basic techniques of how to arrange flowers to convey an oriental aesthetic and style using two different vessels. You will create one arrangement on your own using bamboo. We will supply basic cut flowers and you will have the opportunity to gather additional natural materials from our garden and in the woodland walk located nearby. We hope this will open you up into considering how you can use different plants and natural materials besides flowers in creating new arrangements.

Each participant will make two distinct styles of flower arrangements used for decorating tea ceremony settings. The workshop will include a tea tasting and refreshments. This will act as an opportunity to experience tea culture, and we hope it will allow you to better appreciate the results of your new flower arrangements.

As the space is limited ZIYO only conducts workshops for small groups. All materials and refreshments are included in the workshop’s price.