Guqin Music Lessons

The guqin is a concentration of Chinese culture, associated with philosophy, meditation and poetry


ZIYO offers Guqin music lessons in Uxbridge, London.

The Guqin is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, which dates back to around 1000BC. The Guqin is a condensation of Chinese culture, and is strongly associated with philosophy, meditation and poetry.

ZIYO’s Guqin music lessons are sold in blocks of 4 lessons (or a month at a time), each lesson is 60 minutes long.

We offer a free 30 minute introductory lesson, where you can decide if you would like to commit to further lessons.

For a free guqin music lesson in NW, London, please book your free lesson using the booking form below; please make sure you provide accurate contact information in order for us to arrange your booking.

Bookings are very flexible and times are available throughout the week.

We provide one-to-one lessons, rather than classroom lessons.

Guqin lesson fees for 1 block of 4 lessons is £160, each session is 60 minutes, and you can optionally add a tea session with the lesson.

*NOW we offer online guqin lessons using Zoom- contact for more details.

  • If you prefer not to bring your guqin or you don’t have one. We have a spare guqin which you are free to use.
  • With every lesson you can optionally add a tea ceremony session, where you can learn more about Chinese tea culture. We feel that our lessons should be as immersive as possible within the culture it represents, and Chinese tea culture is one crucial aspect of that. Contact for more details.

A tea ceremony can be added as part of your Guqin music lesson

Faxible Time

Nowadays, people are more busy than ever, not to mention learning/ improving techniques of playing music instruments. Here we provide you flexible time and make your own schedule

Learn with your pace

As everyone has different level and requirement, so we teach what you want to learn. Please discuss with your tutor.

Feel Free to use

There is a spare Gugin which you are free to use


Our Guqin tutor is London-based Artist who practices his art through traditional Chinese philosophy and aesthetic juxtapose with contemporary vision. He has been passionate about Chinese traditional music instruments since a young kid, and had learnt many instruments, but finally settle with Guqin.

He learnt Guqin in his home country Taiwan and visit-and-learn many Guqin players in China.

Lin Yi’s website:

Book Your Free Guqin Lesson

*Please make sure you will be able to attend the day you choose for the free guqin trail.

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