The New Crystal Palace Artists’ Open House

This year ZIYO is participating in the Artists’ Open House in Crystal Palace where the artists/designers open their own homes to show their work. This will give people the opportunity to view and/or purchase a variety of different artistic’ creations.

ZIYO will be collaborating with contemporary artist LIN YI at his studio. This will give you the opportunity to see LIN YI’s paintings where he introduces modern practices and techniques to express the oriental aesthetic and philosophy which integrates with ZIYO’s tea and music.

ZIYO will be exhibiting the Chinese tea ceremony with guqin music for all the visitors to experience. Also there will be some new season Taiwanese tea for sale as well as the new range of teaware which is based on oriental philosophy.

ZIYO_Tea Ceremony and Quqin Music

By participating in artists’ open house, you can spend the weekend in Crystal Palace where you will have the opportunity to explore the place and try out some of the many fine restaurants.

Please check the website to view the artists who are participating in this year’s artists’ open house-

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th April

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May




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